Sponsored Racers 2021

Skiing can be a very costly enterprise for the young racers and parents. It gets more and more expensive with every step on the pathway. A pair of FIS (U18) skis will cost you over £900 retail and you're going to need more than 1 pair. The training camps will cost around £1k per week so there's a serious financial commitment to be considered.  There is virtually no financial support available to the racers even at a national squad level.

In 2018 Alpine Imports decided to try and help, 9 Scottish based racers were identified as having the potential and commitment to do really well.  We were able to help them with their kit and advice where needed.  We are delighted to see that the majority have been selected to the Scotland National Squads in their respective age groups. This season (or non-season), we committed to help another 6 racers and were looking forward to seeing how they progress but will have to wait and see once they are allowed to get back to training and racing next season.

Alpine Imports are only a small part of the racer's support group and most credit for any successes goes to the Racer, their parent/s and their coaches.

We would love to hear from any individuals or businesses who would be interested in having their name or brand associated with these racers, their goals and their achievements.  There are various options available from personal charitable donations to corporate packages. 

Please contact us at sales@alpineimports.co.uk for more information.